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Antonio Cosola cuts, smooths down, draws on the surface what is inside matter. This is the process Antonella Mazzilli describes in her photographs. His bread marks and his miniature farm implements enshrine the memory of a Rural Culture that has disappeared, whose values, we hope, are still alive. Antonio Cosola knows farm life well because he comes from a family of pruners.
“Natural Geometries: Antonio Cosola’s Art”: monograph in which Rural Culture is described through the wooden artefacts made by Antonio Cosola. The book documents the works of an artist and craftsman whose great manual skills are typical of the rural culture of the inhabitants of the “Sassi”. Among the artefacts photographed by Antonella Mazzilli there are bread marks, used in the important everyday tradition of the making of bread, and miniature reproductions of farm implements that, precise and detailed, always come from a scrupulous research made by the master craftsman: he decides in fact the wood he is going to use (durmast for wine rats, fir for the side rails of the cart), meticulously respects proportions, making tiny nuts and screws on purpose in order to reproduce precise mechanisms.
People committed to this editorial project:
• Antonella Mazzilli, artist, is the author of the photographs illustrating Antonio Cosola’s works
• Giovanni Caserta describes in this book the historical evolution of Rural Culture across the centuries
• Enzo Spera, anthropologist, has written about the artistic and documentary value of Cosola’s artefacts.

Title: Natural Geometries, Antonio Cosola’s Art
Price: 19 euros
Data: 12/2011, 168 pages, illustrated, bound
Author: Antonella Mazzilli
Editor: Re Media (Matera)


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