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Antonio Cosola's local handicrafts are mostly miniatures of objects and typical implements used by farmers at work and stamps for bread.
The accurate historical research work and the practical study of the agricultural implements, which actually are not manufactured anymore, is done seeking the advice of the oldest people, the first guardians of our rural culture.
His manual ability in doing hand-crafted work with wood and iron gives him the possibility to create collector's pieces that are identical to the originals, as regards the particular attention to the details.
The inventiveness and creativity of this craftsman can be discovered in his production of bread stamps made, as traditionally required, of beech, cherry , olive, representing human, animal, architectonic and phallic shapes.

Pay attention: bearing in mind that the images varies from 50 Kb to 100 Kb and the moving images from 400 Kb to 500 Kb it could be difficult to download unless you have a fast web connection. The animations are visible in Quick Time Player.

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